Things are working a little differently this year.

We're the same great designers, fostered by the same great people, but this year, you'll have to meet us virtually. We know — we're sad too that we can't meet in person, but we've got some cool new ideas!

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We love dinosaurs, but we wouldn't want to be one!

That's why we've evolved and adapted our grad show to withstand the test of time and for you all to get a chance to know us a little better.

A fun illustration of a computer with a T-Rex on the screen.

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Meet our Designers

Meet our Mentors

We got through it all with the help of these amazing folks. We are grateful for their support, encouragement, and guidance.

The headshot of David Bilenkey.

David Bilenkey

The headshot of Thomas J Bradley.

Thomas J Bradley

The headshot of David Bromley.

David Bromley

The headshot of Jamie Dean.

Jamie Dean

The headshot of Andrea Emery.

Andrea Emery

The headshot of Angie Fahlman.

Angie Fahlman

The headshot of Steve Hay.

Steve Hay

The headshot of Chris Jones.

Chris Jones

The headshot of Jared Lebel.

Jared Lebel

The headshot of Chelle Lorenzen.

Chelle Lorenzen

The headshot of Janet Menger.

Janet Menger

The headshot of Andrew Miller.

Andrew Miller

The headshot of Mike Montgomery.

Mike Montgomery

The headshot of Christina Muxlow.

Christina Muxlow

The headshot of Alain Paradis.

Alain Paradis

The headshot of Anish Parmar.

Anish Parmar

The headshot of Charlie Quinn.

Charlie Quinn

The headshot of Will Shaw.

Will Shaw

The headshot of Rob Smith.

Rob Smith

The headshot of Greg Treadwell.

Greg Treadwell

Thank you also to the incredible Brad St. Jean, our Media and Design Technologist, and Mike Stacey, our Media and Design Technician, who tirelessly worked to give us technical (and emotional) support.

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