The headshot of Ayla Labelle.


  • Motion

Hey, I’m Ayla and I’m a graphic designer specializing in motion design. I love being challenged with communicating an idea through compelling visuals, and getting lost in the creative process is what really sets my soul on fire. Whether it be through motion design, videography or post-production editing, I thrive from keeping things in motion.

I am generation

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

— Charles Bukowski

Example Work

Motion Reel 2021

A collection of my 2D and 3D motion work to date.


A broadcast package for a mock-modern music channel that includes an intro clip, transitional elements and a lower-third animation.


A 3D experimental motion design piece that explores cloners and colours in Cinema 4D.


An expressive typography piece centered around the word Circle. It uses a variety of colourful and dynamic circular animations in order to demonstrate the playful aspects of circles.