The headshot of Tasmyn Clark.


  • Motion
  • Illustration
  • Branding

Hi! I’m Tasmyn I have many hats, mainly motion design, illustration and animal lover. My style is like me - simple and awesome. I want to bring my passion to your projects. Can’t wait to hear from you!

I am generation

“Art is like sunlight, beautiful and scattered. Design is the prism”

— Tasmyn Clark

Example Work

2021 Motion Reel

The motion reel for all of 2020. With client work like Hunt for Hearts by UOHIF, nerding out over video games, showing off snakes, and delving into my love for the classics. This reel has everything!

Sleepy Green Games - Coming Soon!

Finally, we have a special sneak peek. A start-up studio for indie TTRPGs wants me to do a full branding package including logo, social media, and website. I’m so happy to work on a project like this!

Hunt For Hearts Commercial

Hunt for Hearts by UOHIF was an exciting time. Taking the assets provided to me and making it my own? Following all the airing standards? Doing it all in a week? It was worth it to see it live on TV!

Nerdy Noods Promo Video

These snakes take after my own heart! Nerdy Noods is my very own passion project - 3 years in the making. Snakes are amazing and basically harmless, working with them is always an amazing experience.